Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

~   is for the Time we get to spend with our families on this Thanksgiving holiday
H ~   is for the Hands we reach out with to gather in our loved ones
A   ~  is for the Awesome food that gets passed around the table, hand-to-hand
N ~   is for the Noise of happy voices
K   ~   is for the Kaleidoscope of colors & textures of all the food making the table bow
             under its weight
S  ~  is for the Sharing of ourselves with others
G ~   is for the Giggles of the children reacquainting themselves with cousins
I     ~   is for the Invocation of prayer as we give thanks for the food and family togetherness
V ~   is for the Very good time had by all
I   ~   is for the Indigestion too much turkey and the trimmings cause
N ~   is for the Not-Wanna-Go-Homes travelers suffer from after the holiday
G ~   is for the Good memories celebrating the holidays with family creates

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