Friday, November 25, 2011

Stuff and Such and Such and Stuff

There! Officially decorated for Christmas. Did anyone brave the Black Friday crowds? Mom and I hit JC Penney for the door buster prices, but we most certainly did not go there at 4 in the blessed a.m. Oh, heck no. We got there around 11 in the morning, and found TERRIFIC deals. We are so excited with our purchases and Dad and Mr. Laura should be GREATLY impressed with how much money we saved them by shopping this sale. *Nods sagely.*

Working on writing a short Christmas story for the free reads page on my website. Right now, there's a new Thanksgiving story up, and I'll leave that up through the end of December: (click on the free reads age). Hope to have a Christmas shortie up by the end of next week.

Would like to see my yahoo group ( become more active. Writers are welcome to join and network, run contests. It is WRITING/READING related. If you join and spam the group with dating service sites, you will be removed. If you use bad language, you will be removed. If you post anything that is non-writing/reading related, you will be removed. Hate to be hard-nosed about that, but The Rules is the rules, and it IS *my* group, so I gets to make Da Rules. Since I've mentioned what you can't do, I'll now mention what you CAN do: Post links to your blog, webbie; run contests (which you are completely in charge of running and making sure the prizes are awarded in a timely manner); post links to purchase your books (but not to the point that it becomes spam-like - you may post links to purchase your books once a week); post book reviews (however, no spoilers and all reviews must be positive - you can say you didn't like a book, but you must say it nicely); offer writing tips or ask for writing tips; post excerpts of your novels (PG-13 rating). Mostly, I just want it to be a fun place to gather and chat and remind ourselves that while writing is a solitary business, we don't hafta be hermits. 

There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.

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