Wednesday, February 01, 2012


Nifty date. Hopefully, it'll be a nifty day, too...

Observations...something writers tend to do - observe the world around them for sparks of ideas, characters (based on how people act), anything that can be worked into a story.

And then there are the observations we make about the world that are simply observations. For example...

The music piped overhead in stores is what was popular when I was a teenager. These same songs are now considered "Oldies" or "Classics." It's wrong to hear The Eurythmics on the "All Oldies, All the Time" station.

The price of groceries has increased...paychecks haven't.

Midnight and 6 a.m. are, in actuality, only 3 hours apart when it comes to sleep.

Adulthood is highly overrated. My recommendation to all teenagers out there is "DON'T DO IT! Don't grow up."

Naps are underrated.

Life is all its various forms, as are people. Pay attention. It's short and fleeting.


All ideas come about through some sort of observation. It sparks an attitude; some object or emotion causes a reaction in the other person.

~Graham Chapman~

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