Thursday, February 16, 2012

Writer's ADHD

I figure at some point, I've written about this before. I seem to be afflicted with it more often than I'd like. Here are some of the signs and symptoms that Writer's ADHD has moved for a visit.

1. HGTV is always on the TV.

2. Craft projects steal writing time.

3. New characters for new stories introduce themselves and insist I write a character list for them.

4. In the middle of one WIP, stop, go back to the beginning, then, in addition to the one WIP, start a new one.

5. Taking the dogs for rides in the car. They really love that. Knuckleheads.

6. Reading binge. Yep. I read, read, read. Which is good, actually, because if you don't read, then you certainly can't write. (Stephen King said so, and I happen to agree.)

7. Housework becomes fascinating.

8. You catch  up on your DVR To Be Viewed list.

9. You look at new kitchen counter top options online.

10. Facebook. You play Scrabble and Words with Friends (it's always good, though, to increase your vocabulary - yep - it's an excuse that works for me.)

Of course, when Writer's ADHD has been encouraged due to being sick for an entire week, that's another thing entirely. The important thing is to write (or get back to it, if you've stopped due to being sick), and stop beating yourself up that you're not working on the right WIP. Words is words. And sometimes, when the Muse has sent you down a rabbit trail, you just need a break from one WIP to give things a chance to work themselves out, back in the deep, dark recesses of your brain. At least, that's what this usually means for me.

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